BY Desiree Jones, Ph.D.

Can our nutritional choices measurably help prevent certain cancers?

Over the last three decades, researchers have gathered substantial evidence to answer that question with a definite "Yes." 

Different types of cancer are dominant in different parts of the world. However, one glance at the map, regarding estimated breast cancer incidence worldwide, indicates clearly that developed areas of the world (...

BY Sara Farris

When kids go off to camp, some things are certain -- they'll come back with new friends, lasting memories, perhaps some dirty laundry and...

BY MD Anderson

In 2004, after beating cancer twice, out of nowhere Reba Kennedy of Knoxville, Tenn., began experiencing constant, agonizing pain.

BY Trent Johnson

I have a headache ... or not.

I was in elementary school when I started having headaches. The headaches seemed to hurt mostly when I was reading, so my parents took me to the eye doctor.

My parents and brother wear glasses and contacts, so we just assumed that my headaches were caused by vision problems. I was prescribed reading glasses. The glasses helped for a while, but in middle school my headaches started occurring...