BY Ryan Stephens

“We can treat you here,” Lori Leach’s physician told her. “But MD Anderson is right down the street.”

A few weeks earlier, Lori had noticed a small lump in her armpit. She didn’t wait long before she showed the lump to her doctor, who recommended keeping an eye on it.

The lump kept getting bigger. Lori decided to go to her local hospital in Austin for an ultrasound. It showed that the lump was 4 cm.

A biopsy revealed...

Cancerwise blog photo: melanoma treatment survivor Lori Leach with her family

BY Ryan Stephens

It all started with just a tiny lump on his wrist.

In the summer of 2014, Kobee Cohen, then 8 years old, noticed a tiny growth on the...

BY Ryan Stephens

When Elizabeth Sanchez decided to move back to Houston from California in November 2014, she couldn’t quite explain what was drawing her back...

BY Ryan Stephens

As if the cancer journey isn't tough enough, imagine being a single parent to a 15-year-old daughter.

That was the case for Constance Charles when her doctor confirmed the cluster of lumps she'd felt around her right breast was breast cancer -- stage II noninvasive intraductal carcinoma. She had no history of cancer in her family, so the diagnosis was a complete surprise.

Constance was afraid to tell her daughter, Briahna...