BY Heather Alexander Dahl

Ready to get your health back on track after a busy holiday season? It’s possible to make your New Year’s resolutions stick if you approach them realistically.

Use these tips from our Wellness team to help you set goals that make you feel good and give you best the best chance at success. 

1. Devote time to sleep and rejuvenation. Set goals for reasonable bedtimes and waking times, and remember to stay hydrated. When...

Photo shows the words new year, new start.

BY Heather Alexander Dahl

If you’re facing holiday temptations and wondering how you’ll keep your blood sugar where you need it to be or how you’ll stick with your...

BY Heather Alexander Dahl

Poop may be the favorite topic of preschoolers, yet very few adults want to talk about it. And if a problem shows up, like blood in your stool...

BY Heather Alexander Dahl

Some people make exercise look so easy. They’re at the gym several times a week, posting running times from their fitness app. It’s like they know something the rest of us don’t.

So, what do they know that the rest of us don’t? We talked to MD Anderson fitness specialist Carlos Duncan and got his take on common fitness questions.

1. What is the secret to staying motivated?

Motivation comes and goes. Planning and discipline...

Illustration shows older woman doing exercise at home

BY Heather Alexander Dahl

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by toxins that may increase cancer risk. After all, household products have so many unrecognizable ingredients...