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iPromise: Michael C. Linn

Promise - Summer 2012

Michael C. Linn of Houston is founder and former chairman, president and CEO of LINN Energy LLC.  A member and past chairman of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, he serves on the National Petroleum Council and the Natural Gas Council.  He’s been a member of the MD Anderson Cancer Center Board of Visitors since 2010.

Michael C. Linn

Cancer affects my close friends and my family. My grandmother suffered from lung cancer, which eventually took her life. My mother had cancer in both breasts at different times in her life.  She died last year of pancreatic cancer. My sister has had breast cancer, which is now in remission. My father suffered from colon cancer and later bladder cancer.

I met with Dr. John Mendelsohn a few years ago during his tenure as president. I asked him about MD Anderson’s mission to eradicate cancer and the role the institution plays in peoples’ lives. He explained the ongoing research to develop individualized cancer treatments based on a person’s genetic makeup. The work of the researchers as well as the physicians at 
MD Anderson is both heroic and noble, and I’m proud to support the efforts in Making Cancer History®.

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