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A message from Ronald DePinho, M.D.

Promise - Summer 2012

At MD Anderson, clinical research is in our DNA. It’s the engine that drives the outstanding patient care that makes this institution the premier cancer center in the world.

While MD Anderson has earned a reputation as the global leader in cancer care, we will not be satisfied with the status quo. Our unparalleled research program translates discoveries into novel therapies and diagnostics in the quest to improve patient outcomes, enhance quality of life and ultimately eradicate cancer.

Research is crucial to making a decisive assault on this dreaded disease. 
MD Anderson is dedicated to providing our world-renowned scientific and clinical faculty with the best tools to develop and deliver cutting-edge treatments and technologies, such as the evolving telesurgery program described in this issue.

If clinical research is in the institution’s DNA, then philanthropy most certainly is our lifeblood. If research drives our patient care, then your support is the fuel that propels the engine.

Your generosity helps make research breakthroughs possible and brings to fruition innovative ideas from the minds of brilliant investigators determined to solve the cancer problem.

These are exciting times, illuminated by a historic confluence of deep knowledge and major technological advances. MD Anderson is poised to accelerate progress in preventing, detecting and treating cancer. The world is counting on us, and we will deliver. Thank you for joining us in Making Cancer History®.

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