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Survivor's Say: Mike Shad

Promise -

Mike Shad

Mike Shad, of Jacksonville, Fla., is president of Mike Shad, P.L., a CPA firm that provides business valuations, litigation support, management consulting and dealer counseling for the retail automobile industry.

I received my prostate cancer diagnosis on Valentine’s Day 1997. Thoroughly overwhelmed, I bought books on prostate cancer, talked to survivors and sought additional medical opinions. Then I met Dr. Chris Logothetis (chair of the Department of Genitourinary Oncology at MD Anderson). After reviewing the results of tests performed at MD Anderson and elsewhere, Dr. Logothetis disagreed with those who said there was nothing to be done. He felt he could give me another 30 years.

It’s been 13 years since I had chemotherapy, hormone ablation therapy and a radical prostatectomy at MD Anderson. Along the way, I’ve learned many lessons. I believe that being open and forthright about my prostate cancer experience has saved, and will continue to save, lives. I’ve spoken to dozens of men (and their wives or daughters) about cancer, and I’ve directed many to MD Anderson for treatment. I tell them: Prostate cancer is not just an old man’s disease. Get checked. Do the research. Get second and third opinions. Don’t give up. Welcome the support of those who care about you, and get all of the prayers you can.

Promise - Summer 2010:

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