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Discoveries Take Time

Promise -

Maria A. Schumacher, Ph.D., from left, Lawrence Pope, Halliburton’s executive vice president of administration and chief human resources officer, and Cathy Mann, Halliburton’s director of corporate affairs, listen as Richard G. Brennan, Ph.D., explains the X-ray crystallography process. Photo by Rob Atherton.

Halliburton executives recently visited the Center for Biomolecular Structure and Function (CBSF) at MD Anderson and toured the laboratory of Richard G. Brennan, Ph.D., and Maria A. Schumacher, Ph.D. A plaque at the entrance to the lab recognizes the company’s longtime philanthropic support of MD Anderson. Halliburton recently contributed $100,000, the first installment of a five-year pledge that has kick-started the growth of the CBSF. “Discoveries take time,” said Brennan, thanking Halliburton for its commitment to basic science research at MD Anderson. “With Halliburton’s ongoing support, we’ll be able to do some great things.” Video at

Promise - Summer 2010:

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