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iPromise - Lorie and Tony Pistone

Promise - Spring 2013

In 2001, Anthony Pistone of West Palm Beach, Fla., received a diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. His wife, Lorie, reflects on their cancer journey at MD Anderson and finds a silver lining to share.

Click on the image to watch the videoAt times, we face challenges that seem insurmountable.  Hearing the word “leukemia,” we try to focus on what matters most, with muddled emotions.

In disbelief, we begin to sift through and realize that there are physicians and researchers who have dedicated their lives to making a difference through perseverance, commitment and passion that transcends medical and scientific obstacles. At MD Anderson, medical miracles and significant progress are ongoing, thanks to the collaborative efforts of those who reach beyond the inevitable and achieve successful outcomes for their patients throughout the most vulnerable times of their lives.

Having a diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia is frightening. But after meeting Dr. Michael Keating in January 2011, the future began to be restored with a newfound hope and promise, for us a promise that had been missing when we met with medical experts from other preeminent medical institutions.  Dr. Keating is the most compassionate man I’ve ever met.  Couple his compassion, brilliance and wisdom with a genuine love for his patients, and you’ve exponentially improved your chance of achieving success.  That success includes managing, controlling, and maintaining quality of life while healing the mind, body and spirit.

With all of life’s challenges, we sometimes find that silver lining, one that redefines life’s purpose and redirects our goals and aspirations.  Last year, at age 53, I began a nursing program at Florida Atlantic University. 

Dr. Keating and MD Anderson have been instrumental in inspiring me to achieve standards of excellence in my professional life.  Hopefully one day I’ll join the exemplary team of MD Anderson professionals in Making Cancer History®.

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