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Survivors Say:Shelby Robin

As a young girl, Shelby Robin, of Houston, was a patient at MD Anderson Childrens Cancer Hospital. Today she walks its halls as a clinical nurse on the inpatient pediatric unit. In her spare time, Shelby is active with the Sunshine Kids organization and MD Anderson’s Children’s Art Project.

I was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma at the age of 12. I lost my hair, my left leg and what felt like my entire childhood. My dad told me I could either learn from this experience, or I could let it ruin me. I could forget about others like me, or I could help them. In fact, cancer has made me a different person and has revealed a career that I cannot imagine myself living without. Cancer has taught me true grit and the real definition of determination. I hope to show my patients that there is hope and that when I say “I understand,” I truly do understand. View video here.

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