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iPromise - Gibson Gayle Jr.

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Gibson Gayle Jr. is a senior member of The University Cancer Foundation Board of Visitors. He has been a board member of the MD Anderson Foundation since 1980, serving as president from 1990 to 2009. The MD Anderson Foundation, created in 1936, matched state funds to build a cancer hospital in 1941, bought the property for its first home, the seven-acre estate of Capt. James A. Baker, grandfather of James A. Baker, III; and provided a permanent building site in the Texas Medical Center

I am now in my second experience as a cancer patient at MD Anderson and am doing fine. My first tour began in late 1994. I have survived extensive treatment, two surgeries and many checkups since. During the past 15 years, I have referred approximately 200 patients to MD Anderson. What makes our cancer center the finest in the world begins with superb physicians, but a major contribution to its greatness comes from the skill, dedication and warm and friendly treatment rendered by support staff.. Every patient I have ever referred expresses deep gratitude that they are treated like family. All of us are remarkably fortunate to have the world’s finest cancer center right here in Houston. Monroe D. Anderson, John H. Freeman and William B. Bates, the founding members of the MD Anderson Foundation, would be extremely proud to see the results of their endeavors of many years ago.

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