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Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy

Goal: $150 million

Promise -

Photo by John Smallwood

The new Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy (IPCT) will encompass all of the clinical divisions and departments that participate in MD Anderson’s highly successful multidisciplinary care centers. Several centers in the McCombs Institute will be involved in major collaborations.

Physician-scientists in the IPCT will test genes and molecules in a patient’s cancer prior to initiating therapy. Armed with this information, they will select new treatments that target the particular abnormalities detected in that individual’s cancer. A newly expanded clinical pathology laboratory will facilitate these studies to make clinical decisions in a timely manner.

This promising research depends on grants and philanthropy since government or private payers for clinical care will support innovative projects only once proven that they work. A portion of campaign funds will go toward a much-needed expansion of resources that support MD Anderson’s clinical trials, such as the institution’s Phase I Clinical Trials unit, the Clinical and Translational Research Center, the Pharmaceutical Development Center, the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Facility, and the Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine in Bastrop, Texas.

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