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A Message From Dr. DePinho

Promise - Fall 2011

To take the reins from a great leader in modern cancer medicine is a thrilling, daunting and solemn responsibility. Under Dr. John Mendelsohn’s leadership, 
MD Anderson has become the premier cancer hospital in the world. What an honor it is to join the thousands of scientists, physicians, nurses, staff, volunteers and generous supporters whose dedication has made the institution what it is today: the place with the best hope for cure.

In 1998, my dad died of colon cancer. I was at the pinnacle of scientific achievement. But as I looked at my father on his deathbed, I recognized that that just wasn’t good enough. I reflected on my family’s story of pain and the stories of so many others who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease. Since that day, I’ve focused all of my efforts on changing those stories once and for all.

I believe that MD Anderson, with its scientific and clinical excellence and singular focus on cancer, is in a position to do just that. With the continued philanthropic support of those who share our passion, we’ll make major progress in preventing, detecting and treating cancer. Together, we can do great good for humanity.

As my wife, Dr. Lynda Chin, and our three children settle in, we look forward to meeting friends who are committed to MD Anderson’s mission. On behalf of my new colleagues, thank you for joining us in Making Cancer History®.

― Ronald DePinho, M.D.
President, MD Anderson

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