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A Message From Dr. Mendelsohn

Promise -

John Mendelsohn, M.D. ImageAs the leading cancer center in the world, MD Anderson sets a global standard by addressing the entire cycle of cancer care in a robust infrastructure for research and testing. Providing a practical model to achieve cancer care excellence is a top priority for us. Thanks to your generosity, we are on our way. We have established MD Anderson’s Institute for Cancer Care Excellence, enabling researchers and clinicians to collaborate across disease sites and disciplines and focus on how to identify, evaluate and promote best practices of evidence-based cancer care. We envision a future when payment for medical outcomes replaces payment for medical tests and procedures. To that end, we must demonstrate measures that can result in increased quality, safety and effectiveness of cancer care delivery while lowering costs — in other words, we must provide measurable value for the patient. The Institute for Cancer Care Excellence already is studying head and neck cancer patients at MD Anderson to evaluate our multidisciplinary care model. These efforts are not possible without continued philanthropic support. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our mission to eliminate cancer. Together, we are Making Cancer History®.

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