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Promise is published quarterly by the Development Office at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.


Fall 2009

Children's Cancer Hospital
Practicing the Art of the Possible

PromiseA 16-year-old amputee skis down a slope on her own for the first time. A former star tennis player sidelined by bone cancer learns a new sport and makes his school’s golf team. An international patient enrolls in the in-hospital school and graduates with her class despite the months of treatment.

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Jeff B. Love, chairman of Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP, Houston office, is a senior member of The University Cancer Foundation Board of Visitors.
To learn more about MD Anderson’s Holiday Greeting Card Program, visit or call 800-525-5841.

Promise, iPromiseAs a member of MD Anderson’s Board of Visitors for 19 years, I’ve sent holiday wishes and acknowledgments to very good friends and clients for many seasons through the institution’s Holiday Greeting Card Program. Among the benefits of this program, for me, are the opportunities to financially support MD Anderson’s mission to eradicate cancer and to increase awareness of the No. 1-ranked cancer center in the country among friends and clients in other regions. During these years, those who know I have a nexus to the institution through this program have often contacted me when they or their family members or friends have been in need of MD Anderson’s vast reservoir of expertise. Moreover, I’ve found through notes from recipients of these holiday cards that they prefer a remembrance that’s given for the benefit of others.

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In the Fall 2009 Issue: