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Promise is published four times a year by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and is dedicated to our friends who have joined us in Making Cancer History®. For more information, visit:

My Moon Shot

Driven to make a difference

In 2007, Terry Arnold was diagnosed with two of the most deadly forms of breast cancer. Today, she's cancer free.

Arnold formed The IBC Network Foundation to support breast cancer research and mentors hundreds fighting the disease.


 Click on the image to watch Terry's cancer journey from diagnosis to survivorship to patient advocate. 

Survivors Say

Lung cancer survivor: "It's time to end the stigma"

Andrew Davison, of Boulder, Colo., is president of Gaiam Inc., a leading producer of fitness accessories. Diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013, Davison quickly became familiar with questions about previous tobacco use, compelling him to educate people about the increasing numbers of nonsmokers who contract lung cancer.