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Matched Unrelated Donor Program

Stem cell transplantation can be performed using one’s own stem cells (autologous) or another person’s stem cells (allogeneic). Allogeneic stem cell transplantation offers potentially curative therapy to patients with a variety of cancers.

Ideally, a brother, sister or other family member can serve as the stem cell donor. For those patients without a family or related donor, the unrelated transplant coordinator team, working in conjunction with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMPD), helps identify HLA-matched unrelated donors (MUD). Approximately 9 million volunteer donors are registered with the NMDP, which facilitates over 1,000 MUD transplants each year.

MD Anderson is certified by the NMDP to facilitate unrelated donor searches and transplants.

To become a bone marrow donor, visit NMPD or call 1-800-MARROW-2.

Stem Cell Transplant Coordinators

Our unrelated transplant coordinators will supervise the search process and the pre-transplant evaluation and testing of the donor and recipient. The unrelated transplant coordinators will have the most up-to-date information regarding the matched unrelated donor process. If there are any questions regarding unrelated transplantation or the donation process, contact your unrelated transplantation coordinator:

  • Michele Alvarez, Lead Coordinator 713-745-3216
  • Lori Griffin 713-745-2293
  • Kathie Nemeth 713-745-5713
  • Susan Sheldon 713-745-4374
  • Kate Villatuya 713-792-2687

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