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12-29-14Telemedicine extends minimally invasive surgery’s benefits
03-03-14Breast reconstruction rates rising after mastectomy
09-24-12UT MD Anderson Cancer Center launches unprecedented Moon Shots Program to increase patient survival during the next decade
05-21-12Health care reform and the effect on cancer prevention services
6-27-11Radiation therapy outpacing radiation oncologist supply
5-20-11How will Japan’s nuclear accident effect global cancer risk?
4-18-11The human touch in humanitarian medical work
4-04-11Cancer drug shortage is costing lives
3-21-11Double trouble – cancer and depression
1-31-11Can stress cause cancer?
1-24-11Tendrils – A sexual renewal program for women surviving cancer related resources
6-28-10Preparing for hurricanes - what do cancer patients need to know?

Social media connections for young cancer patients

1-4-10Body image issues for cancer patients
10-05-09Discussion of book: Faculty Health in Academic
Medicine – physicians, scientists and the pressures of success
6-08-09The Book: Making Cancer History - Disease and Discovery at
MD Anderson
11-03-08Women In Science Part 1
10-13-08Women In Science Part 2
9-22-08Spirituality & cancer Care part 2
9-08-08Spirituality & cancer Care part 1

9-26-11Hope for Restored Sexual Function for Prostate Cancer Patients and their Partners
9-26-11Sexual Counseling for Couples after Prostate Cancer Treatment
7-14-10MD Anderson Ranks #1 for 2010 in the U.S. News & World Report
5-04-10New MD Anderson Logo Challenges Employees, Public to Aspire to a World Without Cancer
6-14-10Larry Kwak, M.D., Ph.D. Named to TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World
6-14-10The Roses Inspiration to Fund Brain Cancer Research
8-03-09Project Zero Delay Accelerates Drug's Path to Clinical Trial

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