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Trainee & Alumni Affairs

The Cancer Center offers a variety of training opportunities including clinical residencies and fellowships, pharmacy residencies, postgraduate research training, internships in hospital administration, social work and chaplaincy (just to name a few), and premasters and predoctoral research training in the sciences. There are also special summer research programs geared toward high school, college and freshman medical students, as well as a program for high school science teachers. Approximately 4,000 trainees per year are enrolled in these programs. 

Trainee & Alumni Affairs is a service department whose responsibilities include the processing of trainee personnel actions (appointments, re-appointments, stipend increases, etc.), orientations and providing information.

Although the various departments and divisions, to a large degree, "take care of" their assigned trainees, Trainee & Alumni Affairs is available to help in any way we can - be it offering advice on neighborhoods, good seats at local sporting events, how to apply for a special fellowship or grant, whom to contact in the hospital for a specific problem, etc. We also appreciate your feedback on anything and everything related to the "whole process" - the move, the transition, the training, the people.

This guide in no way attempts to cover everything (clinical information is included in separate manuals) but is simply a guide to help you get an early start to becoming acclimated.

For assistance call (713) 792-2696 or fax (713) 792-7895. The Trainee & Alumni Affairs office is located in the Pickens Academic Tower, 1400 Pressler, FCT 7.5000. Within the hospital system, it is necessary to dial only the last five digits of a telephone number. We are accessible electronically via the Internet and internally through MD Anderson intranet. Our Internet addresses are listed on the institution's home page.

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