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Trainee Resource Guide

This guide has been developed as a resource for trainees joining MD Anderson Cancer Center under the auspices of Academic and Visa Administration.This information provides answers to frequently asked questions by trainees when relocating to Houston, and to ease the difficulties that may accompany such a move. The businesses listed in this publication are merely a representation of products and services available in the Texas Medical Center area.

Trainee Resource Guide

MD Anderson Cancer Center does not endorse the businesses and organizations appearing on this list, nor does inclusion on this list create or imply a contract between MD Anderson Cancer Center and any business listed in these pages. No attempt has been made to selectively omit any business establishment, either intentionally or unintentionally. However, the number of business establishments offering the products and services covered in this guide are far too numerous to include. The quality of such products and/or services may be greater than, less than or below the quality of that offered by those establishments listed herein.

Acceptance and/or receipt of this guide does not create or imply a contract between MD Anderson Cancer Center and its trainees or any other recipient. MD Anderson retains the right to amend or revise policies, listings of business establishments and procedures described in this publication.

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