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Student Congress

MD Anderson Cancer Center School of Health Professions Student Congress is an elected student body designed to represent all program disciplines in the School of Health Professions. Once elected, students must remain in good academic standing to maintain their position as a representative of their Program and the School.

The Student Congress consists of elected Congress persons who are representative of students from each of the programs in the School of Health Professions. Students elected to the Student Congress must remain  in good academic standing to in order to maintain their position  in the Student Congress. The Student Congress is a representative body and will serve as a forum to enhance communications between the students at MD Anderson and at any distance learning sites, and the faculty and the administration of the School of Health Professions. The Student Congress will also elect students to represent the School of Health Professions on the UT System Student Advisory Council and the McGovern Center Student Advisory Council. 

The Executive Committee elected by the Student Congress will serve as an advisory body to the dean, assisting the administration in reaching decisions on policy that concerns students enrolled in the School of Health Professions. The Executive Committee will provide leadership to the Student Congress by identifying activities that will broaden the intellectual, cultural, and recreational opportunities open to the entire School of Health Professions student body.

The Student Congress will organize community outreach activities for the School of Health Professions student body such as "Adopt a Family," the donation of magazines throughout the year to hospital waiting rooms, and periodic food and clothing drives at MD Anderson and cities where distance-learning sites are located. These activities are intended to further communications and relationships between the students at the School of Health Professions and the community.

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