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Faculty Bylaws

The Undergraduate Faculty is the faculty of the School of Health Professions. It is composed of persons representing a diversity of programs that contribute to knowledge in the field of Allied Health education.

All members of the faculty are qualified as educators in their discipline on the basis of their scholarly achievement and are certified by the state and/or professional organizational governing professional practice of that discipline. Members of the full-time faculty must be appointees of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Qualifications, privileges and responsibilities for members are specified by these Bylaws.

1.0 Members of the Undergraduate Faculty    Top of Page

Academic appointees at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center at the level of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Instructor or Assistant Instructor and who are full-time participants in the undergraduate professional discipline programs in the School of Health Professions are considered members of the faculty.

1.1 Adjunct Members of the Undergraduate Faculty    Top of Page

Academic appointees at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center holding primary appointments in the institution's Clinical and Basic Science Departments, as well as faculty from other authorized affiliate institutions, who teach in the School of Health Professions are considered as members of the adjunct faculty.

2.0 Undergraduate Programs    Top of Page

The undergraduate programs in the School of Health Professions are established by the faculty in professional areas of Allied Health. The programs consist of interested faculty members who share the disciplinary and educational objectives represented by the program without regard for institutional or departmental affiliation.

Program activities will be coordinated by a Program Director that is a full-time faculty member of the School of Health Professions. The Program Director shall be responsible for all activities of the Program. The Program Director shall form committees of interested faculty that will function as a leadership team to assist in directing ongoing Program activity and development through interaction with various other Program committees.

3.0 Committees of the Undergraduate Faculty    Top of Page

Each School of Health Professions Program shall maintain the following standing committees that are responsible to the faculty and advisory to the Dean: Advisory Committee, Curriculum Committee and Admissions Committee.

3.1 Advisory Committee    Top of Page

The Advisory Committee is responsible for coordinating activities of the standing program committees, for reviewing academic policy for the program, for periodic evaluation of the program, and to serve as an advisor to the Program Director on all academic matters.

3.2 Curriculum Committees    Top of Page

The Program Curriculum Committee shall be appointed by the Program Director from the active teaching faculty. This Committee is responsible foe review and approval of all course offerings in the Program and for evaluating student outcomes and performance with regard to internal and external indicators.

The School of Health Professions Curriculum Committee is composed of faculty representatives from each of the School's Program Curriculum Committees. This Committee is responsible for the overall curricular programs of the School of Health Professions and reviews all recommendations from Program Curriculum Committees prior to further action. The School Curriculum Committee serves as an advisory body to the Dean on all curricular matters.

3.3 Admissions Committee    Top of Page

The Admissions Committee for each Program consists of the Program Director, and members of the teaching and clinical faculty. The School Recruiter will serve ex officio on this Committee. The Admissions Committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating applicants to the Program. On the recommendation of the Admissions Committee, the Program Director and Dean will issue a joint letter of acceptance to successful candidate students.

4.0 Faculty Senate    Top of Page

Faculty members in the School of Health Professions will elect a representative to serve as a Senator in the Cancer Center's Faculty Senate. The School of Health Professions Senator will serve a term of three years.

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