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Financial Assistance

For Entering Students (First Year)

Research assistantships are provided to virtually all first-year Ph.D. students. The assistantships are offered either by the Graduate School itself or by programs, departments or individual faculty within GSBS. These awards require no service other than degree-related academic activities. They include:

  • A stipend of $20,800 per annum
  • Payment of the student’s tuition and required fees (valued at $2,631 for a full-time student who registers for the 12-month academic year)
  • Multiple health insurance plans are available

Cost of Living

The stipend a student receives is relative to the cost of living in the area the school is located. Houston has the most affordable housing of the 10 largest U. S. metropolitan areas and the second lowest cost of living among major American cities. Figures provided by the UT-Houston Office of Student Financial Aid indicate that over the course of a year the budget for a single student currently amounts to $20,016. Clearly, the stipend provided by GSBS is sufficient to meet the costs associated with obtaining a graduate education in Houston.

Prize Scholarships

All admitted students are considered for two kinds of prize awards: The Presidents’ Merit Scholarships in the amount of $3,000 and the Faculty and Alumni Merit Fellowships of $1,000 to $2,000 are awarded to the highest-ranking admitted students. These awards supplement the student’s assistantship and are continued for four years, subject only to satisfactory academic performance.

Some stipends are available for students admitted to the M.S. program, but admission to this program does not automatically include the offer of a stipend.

For Continuing Students (Beyond the First Year)

After the first year, GSBS students are supported by traineeships, research assistantships and a number of special fellowships. All these awards carry the same benefits and at least the same level of stipend as described above for entering students.

In addition, however, a variety of additional awards and opportunities are available to current GSBS students:

  • More than a dozen fellowships and scholarships, totaling over $100,000 annually, are offered. These competitive awards range from $500 to $5,000 and supplement the student's assistantship or traineeship stipend
  • For students who wish to gain teaching instruction and experience, GSBS makes available teaching assistantships, both in introductory GSBS classes and at local undergraduate institutions, such as the University of Houston-Downtown
  • Several internships are available for students interested in patent law, communication and public affairs and health policy (the latter at Richmond College in London, England)
  • GSBS provides approximately $25,000 each year to help students defray the costs of attending scientific meetings. These travel awards range from $200 to $450 and are granted to students who have been selected to make a presentation (talk or poster) at a regional, national or international meeting
  • Loans also are available to students in all years of study through the UT-Houston Student Financial Aid Office.

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