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Listed below are courses that are required (asterisk) or suggested, depending upon the research goals of the student.

Core Curriculum Courses

GS010014 Biomedical Statistics
GS040193 Quantitative Analysis of Biological Processes

GS030014 * Intermediate Biochemistry 


GS033024 * Advanced Biochemistry
GS040123 Eukaryotic Gene Expression

GS040013 *Cell Biology

Systems (choose one*)
GS120254 Cell and Systems Physiology
GS040063 Cancer Biology
GS040073 Developmental Biology
GS060014 Immunology I
GS040203 Experimental Genetics

Reproductive Biology
GS120083 *Reproductive Biology (See below.)
GS120123 *Advanced Reproductive Biology (See below.)

Seminar Courses

GS040751 *Seminar in Regulatory Biology
GS120711 *Seminar in Reproductive Biology (See Below)

Other Recommended Courses

GS130024 Mechanisms of Hormone Action and Signal Transduction
GS120232 Physiology of Pregnancy, Fetus, and Neonate

Courses Offered by Reproductive Biology Track

Reproductive Biology (GS120083)
This course presents modern concepts and fundamental information on the biology and physiology of the reproductive system and their impact on other organ systems, with emphasis on the human. Structure-function relationships, mechanisms and actions of contraceptive agents, demography and sexual responses are among the topics covered.

Advanced Reproductive Biology (GS120123)
This course presents current concepts of the development, regulation and function of a variety of mammalian reproductive systems. The molecular, cellular, biochemical and behavioral aspects of mammalian reproductive systems and their control are examined. Emphasis is placed on contemporary research problems and articles are critically reviewed.

Seminar in Reproductive Biology (GS120711)
A discussion of current concepts in reproductive biology.

*Meets one of the Area Course Requirements of the GSBS

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