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Social Work

MD Anderson Cancer Center and the Department of Social Work are committed to offering field placement opportunities to second-year Master of Social Work students through the Social Work Internship Program. The educational goal of the program is to provide the highest quality hands-on learning experience to our students and to prepare them to enter the social work profession with confidence in their skills and knowledge.

The Role of Social Work in this Environment

All patients at MD Anderson receive medical treatment for cancer or a cancer related illness.  The mission of the Department of Social Work at MD Anderson is to enhance quality of life and facilitate care for people impacted by a diagnosis of cancer through outstanding clinical interventions, psychosocial programs, education and research.  Social Workers provide comprehensive clinical oncology social work services through counseling, crisis intervention, and linkage with resources in the hospital and the community.

The Department of Social Work has a staff of over 50 Social Work Counselors and 4 Social Work Resource Specialists. Our Social Work Counselors are licensed Master level Social Workers and many have advanced clinical standing.

The Clara B. Smith Training Center

The Clara B. Smith Training Center was established within the Department of Social Work on September 1, 1986, in honor of Mrs. Clara Blackford Smith of Denison, Texas.  Mrs. Smith was a long time friend and benefactor of the Department, frequently contributing financial support for indigent patients and training institutes for Social Workers throughout Texas.  The grant provides funds for student stipends.  These stipends are designed for second-year Master of Social Work (MSW) or Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) students who either are in a health care specialization or have a strong interest in health care social work.

Opportunities for Field Placement

Student pursuing the MSW degree

MD Anderson has both inpatient and outpatient programs.  Opportunities for enhancing clinical skills as a social work practitioner are available in both areas.  Additionally, practicum opportunities in Administration and Research are available.  These students carry a limited clinical caseload and are involved in such areas as program evaluation, policy and procedure review and development, and grant location and writing.  

Student Training and Support

All students are required to participate in MD Anderson’s new employee orientation.  Following this is a departmental orientation program. Students are then assigned to the service of their Field Instructor within the Department of Social Work.  Students receiving training at MD Anderson are required to be in field three days a week for two semesters for a consecutive placement or five days a week for one semester for a block placement. During their experience, students participate in an interdisciplinary team approach to care, including patient teaching, planning conferences and chart rounds with physicians, nurses and other team members.

Within the Department of Social Work, staff development presentations are offered weekly.  During their placement, students are expected to present at one staff development meeting.  Weekly brown bag presentations are tailored for discussion of topics not offered during staff development meetings for students.  There are also opportunities to attend continuing education presentations within the institution when appropriate.

Students seeking this placement should be independent and able to function with some degree of autonomy once established within their service.  We promote the choosing of a learning experience, which would move students toward realizing their professional educational goals.

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Supervisor, Social Work
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