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About Us

Facts and History

Campus 2011

For over 70 years, MD Anderson Cancer Center has given hope and life to thousands of patients. The following pages provide facts and history about MD Anderson and its mission.

Our Facts

Quick Facts - the latest information and statistics on MD Anderson 

Institutional Profile - a brief overview of MD Anderson and our mission

Economic Impact - a summary of MD Anderson's contribution to the economy

Crime Statistics - provided by The University of Texas Police Department

Our Programs and Achievements

Moon Shots Program - The time is now. Together, we will end cancer. 

Research and Clinical Achievements - major contributions to knowledge about cancer and the treatment of patients with cancer

Office of Health Policy - oversees administration of local, state and federal funding for community health care delivery

2013 Joint Commission Survey Results - The Joint Commission has issued the final report on the five-day unannounced survey of MD Anderson

Our History

Who Was MD Anderson? - a tribute to the man whose vision formed this great organization

MD Anderson's Past Presidents - the men who have led the institution since it was created in 1941

MD Anderson's 70th Anniversary - a celebration of 70 years of "Making Cancer History"

Surgeon General's 50th Anniversary - The Surgeon General’s office released its first report on smoking and health which identified cigarettes as a major public health hazard.

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