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BY Lana Maciel

The best forms of healing don't always come in a bottle, a pill or any kind of external medicine. Sometimes, internal healing works best to promote overall health, and, for some people, it can be achieved through the practice of tai chi.

An ancient Chinese martial art, tai chi was first used as a form of self-defense, but research has shown that this practice of meditation can actually be an effective form of medication for cancer...

BY Scott Merville

People with higher levels of folate in their red blood cells were more likely to have two cancer-preventing genes shut down by methylation...

BY Judy Overton

On our first visit to MD Anderson, Tom stayed busy signing what seemed like an endless number of consent forms. There was one for pharmacy...

BY MD Anderson

A growing incidence of myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS), mostly in older adults, has sent researchers and clinicians scrambling for answers to the biology and treatment of this group of serious blood disorders.
Below, Guillermo Garcia-Manero, M.D., answers questions about MDS. 

What is MDS?
It's a very complex group of hematological disorders characterized by progressive peripheral blood...

BY Mary Brolley

He had no symptoms. But he fit the profile.

Jerry Reidy of Aurora, Colorado, went in for a routine cholesterol check in late summer...