Infographic: How to Carve Up Thanksgiving Calories

UT MD Anderson experts share portion control Thanksgiving infographic

MD Anderson News Release 11/07/11

Adults can avoid holiday weight gain by learning how to choose healthier food portions with the new Thanksgiving serving size infographic, created by experts at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“Overeating can lead to unhealthy weight gain that, in the long-run, may make it harder for your body to fight off diseases like cancer,” said Mary Ellen Herndon, MPH, RD, wellness dietitian at MD Anderson.

Most men need about 2,000 calories a day, and most women need about 1,500 calories a day to maintain a healthy weight. “Your Thanksgiving meal should make up about one-third of your daily calories if you plan on eating three meals for the day,” Herndon said.

To stay in that target calorie range, Herndon recommends using the following infographic.

“Remember, if you do indulge a little on Thanksgiving Day, make sure you return to eating balanced, healthy meals the next day,” Herndon said.

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