BY Constance Blanchard

"Unfortunately, it appears the tumor has returned."

Those were the first words the emergency room doctor said after seeing my CT scans. My husband's face dropped.

"How can that be? I must be dreaming. It's only been nine months since my craniotomy." Those are the words I wanted to say, but struggled to get out. 

I was having seizure after seizure with barely a five-minute break in between...

Constance Blanchard with her family

BY Deborah Thomas

March 28 is my father's birthday. He would have been 84 today. We lost him 18 years ago to colon cancer.

Cancer is no stranger to...

BY Sunil Patel, M.D.

When newly diagnosed cancer patients are prescribed chemotherapy, they are understandably apprehensive.

The word "chemotherapy...

BY Margaret Rose

This is a continuation of yesterday's post on traveling to MD Anderson for pancreatic cancer treatment.

I'm fortunate to have a strong network of friends and family who've stuck with me since my initial diagnosis. 

When they heard I would be away from home for seven weeks for radiation therapy, they asked if I could handle being alone, away from my local support network.

In response, I arranged for family...

 Margaret Rose with her sons

BY Margaret Rose

Once you're diagnosed with cancer, what's the first thing you're likely to do? Call your sister? Call your children? Cry? Get mad?

BY Brandie Sellers

A constant theme in my brain and body for the past several months is the struggle to figure out how to be a "regular" person after...

BY Lucy Richardson

Burton Dickey, M.D., doesn't slow down. The chair of MD Anderson's Department of Pulmonary Medicine runs three miles four times a week...

BY Christine Durlam and Amy LaMarca Lyon - Social Work Counselors

When you're a newly diagnosed cancer patient, all the questions and concerns can be overwhelming.  

How will you tell your family...

BY Linda Ryan

As I get ready to go to Houston for a follow-up appointment, I'm having scanxiety. It's that feeling of anxiety and worry that comes with...

BY Deborah Thomas

I've worked for MD Anderson for over six years now. 

People ask me if I find it depressing to work here and, for the most...