BY Stephanie Madsen

When I was diagnosed with large cell neuroendocrine cervical cancer nearly four years ago, I felt utterly lost.

And I felt overwhelmed when my doctor said I needed chemotherapy. I didn’t know what to expect or what to pack. So I decided to bring everything.

Since then, I’ve had nearly 55 chemo treatments using several chemo drugs, 28 radiation sessions and four major surgeries (not including port placement). In the process...

Large cell cervical cancer survivor Stephanie Madsen shares what she packs for chemo.

BY Stephanie Madsen

Three years after my large cell neuroendocrine cervical cancer diagnosis, I've defied the odds. The statistics gave me less than a 20% chance...

BY Stephanie Madsen

As I completed my last round of chemotherapy a few weeks ago, I thought back to the woman I was before cancer. Looking back at how much life...

BY Stephanie Madsen

My trip to MD Anderson for large cell cervical cancer treatment was so incredible that I wished I could have stayed longer.

The place is spectacular. As weird as it may sound, MD Anderson felt like an amusement park or a resort. I've been to three other places for large cell cervical cancer treatment in the last three years, and I haven't been anywhere like it.

Finding hope and life at MD Anderson
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