BY Lisa Garcia

Cancer and its treatments, such as chemotherapy and surgery, can sometimes affect a patient’s physical and cognitive functions. This can affect daily tasks, like getting dressed, and hobbies, like gardening or fishing.

Occupational therapy plays a pivotal role in helping patients overcome such challenges. To learn more about this type of therapy, we spoke with occupational therapist Sydney Ewing, who specializes in treating patients...

Orthopaedic Oncology's occupational therapist Sydney Ewing works with a cancer patient

BY Lisa Garcia

When retired Florida physician Bob Wagar, M.D., was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and sarcoma, he knew he would've felt comfortable...

BY Lisa Garcia

Soft tissue sarcoma begins in the soft – or connective – tissues of the body, such as muscle, fat and blood vessels. There are dozens of&nbsp...

BY Lisa Garcia

When leiomyosarcoma survivor Gail Walsh told her orthopedic oncologist Patrick Lin, M.D., that she planned to hike the Appalachian Trail, his response was, “Which part?”

“I plan on doing the whole thing,” she told him.

The Florida massage therapist came close – just 600 miles shy of the 2,190-mile trail that stretches from Georgia to Maine. She started the journey in April, but after two weeks of hiking with a back injury...

Gail Walsh and her dog posing for a photo on a bike trail