BY KirstiAnn Clifford

Chief Nursing Officer and Senior Vice President Carol Porter, D.N.P., formed her first impressions of MD Anderson as a Magnet appraiser in 2010.

“Before the visit, I read through MD Anderson’s application, which was several thousand pages, and I remember thinking, ‘this is amazing – it can’t be real,’” Porter recalls. Over her five-day survey, she witnessed the interdisciplinary teamwork, leading professional practices and evidence-based...

Charge nurse Rachel Chandy cheers upon learning about MD Anderson's fifth nursing Magnet designation

BY KirstiAnn Clifford

Patient Care Technician Raymond Alex Jr., is known in MD Anderson’s Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and around the hospital for sharing inspirational...

BY KirstiAnn Clifford

It takes more than Band-Aids with cartoon characters to put children receiving cancer treatment at ease, but Leo Flores knows how.


BY KirstiAnn Clifford

A patient writes, “The Astros will win the World Series next year,” in bold print as Jaquelin Velasquez watches. The clinical nurse in Lymphoma and Myeloma isn’t interested in the accuracy of this prediction. She’s looking for signs of a serious side effect of immunotherapy.

“If a patient’s handwriting deteriorates, it’s a red flag that they’re developing neurotoxicity,” Velasquez says. She explains that the handwriting test is...

Jaquelin Velasquez, left, and Misha Hawkins perform the two-nurse verification process prior to infusing a patient with CAR T cells.