BY Hank Lech

As I reflect on my chordoma diagnosis, surgery and setbacks, I think back to my most recent surgery and smile. I remember Sujit Prabhu, M.D., professor of Neurosurgery, telling me there was no sign of cancer.

He then told me the bad news: the screws holding my head on had come loose -- again.  

I have been told I have a few loose screws before, but I did not realize he was serious. The screws doctors put in during...

BY Hank Lech

Recently, I was reflecting on everything that had come up since my chordoma diagnosis and surgery.

In the process, I recalled the F...

BY Hank Lech

When I was diagnosed with chordoma in my C2 vertebrae, my first reaction was "This is a mistake, I can't have cancer. The x-rays, biopsies...