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Childhood Melanoma Symptoms

Melanoma symptoms vary from child to child. It’s a good idea to examine carefully any moles or other spots on your child’s skin.

The most common signs of pediatric melanoma are:

  • A bump that itches and bleeds
  • A wart-like spot, typically non-pigmented or a pinkish color
  • An odd-looking mole, especially a large one
  • A mole that looks completely different from a child’s other moles

When examining your child's moles, remember ABCDEF:

  • Asymmetry: Is one side of the mole different than the other?
  • Border irregularity: Are the edges ragged or irregular?
  • Color variation: Is the mole getting darker? Is part of it changing color or does it contain several colors?
  • Diameter: Is the mole bigger than ¼ inch?
  • Evolution: Is the mole growing in width or height?
  • Feeling: Has the sensation around a mole or spot changed?

Pediatric melanoma is rare. If your child has any of the above symptoms, they likely are caused by a less serious problem. However, be sure to tell your doctor if you see any abnormal bump, mole or spot on your child’s skin.

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