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Arts in Medicine

The Arts in Medicine Program at MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital has one primary goal – to use art to help young patients feel better. 

Through collaborative, large-scale projects and one-on-one art sessions, artist-in-residence Ian Cion works with pediatric patients and their families to help make their experience better while undergoing cancer treatment. 

How Patients Benefit from Arts in Medicine

Personalized arts programming provided through Arts in Medicine helps to:

  • elevate the patient's sense of purpose
  • reduce anxiety and pain
  • facilitate a positive association with the hospital experience
  • connect patients with one another, and 
  • build a sense of community within the hospital

As part of the program's mission, Cion works with Martha Askins, Ph.D., psychologist at the Children's Cancer Hospital, to clinically evaluate how art impacts the quality of life for patients and their families and how it can aid in the success of treatment. 

Learn more about our completed art projects and works in progress

"Making art motivates me and gives me something to look forward to. I think for hours about what I am going to create when I come to the hospital, and I don't feel as much pain or nausea." - Maria Munoz, stem cell transplant patient

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