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Tobacco and Cancer

quit smoking

The single best thing you can do for your health is to stop using tobacco. Quitting at any age lowers your disease risks and helps you live longer.

Smoking and tobacco use is responsible for most lung cancer deaths and one-third of all cancer deaths. Smoking also contributes to heart disease, stroke and lung disease.

Non-smokers also need to take caution. People who live with smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer and even limited exposure to secondhand smoke can raise your heart disease risk.

Read our experts' advice and tips, and use our tools to help you stop using or avoid exposure to tobacco.

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Want to quit tobacco?

MD Anderson offers services to help you quit using tobacco for good. 

  • Join a tobacco cessation study and receive treatment at no cost. 
  • Use ASPIRE, a web-based interactive tool to help you reach your cessation goals and stay on the path to good health.
  • If you're an MD Anderson patient, employee or family member, join our Tobacco Treatment Program.

Check your cancer risk

By completing Cancer Risk Check, you can determine your risk for certain cancers and get the tools you need to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. 

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