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Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science

Clinical Laboratory Science
...uses detective work to diagnose disease
Cytogenetic Technology
...studies chromosomes to diagnose and treat genetic disease
...studies cells to detect and diagnose disease
 Diagnostic Imaging
...specializing in creating quality images to detect and diagnose disease
 Diagnostic Medical Sonography
...combining ultrasound with diagnostic technologies to support diagnosis and management of disease
...on the cutting edge of tissue analysis
 Medical Dosimetry
...creating precision radiation treatment plans
 Molecular Genetic Technology
...goes to the genetic level to detect and monitor disease
 Radiation Therapy
...on the front lines of individualized cancer treatment


Master of Science

 Diagnostic Genetics
...getting you ready for today and tomorrow on the genetic level

Student Spotlight

Elijah Lohman - Molecular Genetic Technology programThis month's student spotlight is Elijah Lohman of the Molecular Genetic Technology program.

Learn more about Elijah

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