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Cancer Prevention Research Training Program


The Summer Research Experience opens November 30th. Visit the CPRTP SRE page for details! 

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (CPRTP) prepares health scientists and clinicians to assume leadership roles as research investigators in the field of cancer prevention and control. 

The program's multi-disciplinary emphasis expands the perspective of the trainees by moving from their base of strength in a particular specialty (e.g., medical oncology, molecular genetics, behavioral science) to equip them with basic knowledge in the other disciplines in cancer prevention and control research. 

Trainees learn the relevant principles, research methods and analytic approaches used by these other disciplines. This multi-disciplinary training is accomplished through specific graduate courses, our seminar series, and by participation in ongoing peer-reviewed, mentored research. 

Our fellowships and research experiences include positions for:

  • undergraduate students,
  • graduate research assistants,
  • health professional students,
  • predoctoral students, and 
  • postdoctoral trainees.


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