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Physician Assistant Student Elective Rotation

Program Description

This four week elective rotation in clinical oncology is designed to acquaint the motivated, senior-level PA student with state-of-the-art multidisciplinary cancer care at a world-renowned comprehensive cancer center. In addition to clinical elective rotations, students may arrange educational and administrative rotations as well.  

Students will be mentored by clinical PAs and/or nurse practitioners who teach on a volunteer basis. Students will experience firsthand the care given to patients by expert oncology multidisciplinary teams.

Students may choose from a variety of multidisciplinary rotations. Rotation involves participation in lectures, grand rounds and multidisciplinary conferences. Selected students may identify three areas of interest and, upon availability, will be placed in one of these areas. 

For information regarding opportunities in education and administration, you may contact the PA office directly.

Eligibility Requirements

It is highly recommended that PA students plan their elective rotation during the later period of their clinical training. At a minimum, students must have 16 weeks of clinical rotations, including 4 weeks in medicine and 4 weeks in surgery rotations before participating in an elective at MD Anderson.


Interested students should email to initiate the application process.

Students whose programs do not have an academic affiliation with MD Anderson can have their programs request such an affiliation. This process may take 6-12 months to complete and must be completed prior to acceptance. Academic credit cannot be recorded without a completed academic affiliation agreement.

Selection Process

This competitive rotation is for senior-level PA students who have a keen interest in oncology or cancer care. Students from PA programs that have an academic affiliation with MD Anderson should submit an application at least six months prior to their requested rotation start date.  Students are accepted based on availability.

The following presentations provide additional information regarding our programs.

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 For additional information regarding Physician Assistants at MD Anderson, please see our main website.

Contact Information

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