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Vilar Lab

The Vilar Lab is focused on three main areas:

Molecular biology of colorectal cancer
Our major field of interest is the molecular biology of colorectal cancer and more particularly the understanding of the carcinogenic process in the colon, specifically to apply it to the development of new preventive and therapeutic interventions.

Microsatellite instability in colorectal cancer
The familial Microsatellite Instable subgroup is a major area of interest for our group, and more particularly to develop preventive and therapeutic interventions for high-risk individuals diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome. Moreover, familial Microsatellite Instable colorectal cancers are also as a model to better understand the sporadic version of Microsatellite Instable tumors, that roughly represent 15% of the total of this disease. In this regard, molecular distinction of cancer subtypes is already being applied to the management patients in other solid tumors. This has not only been related to prognosis but also to develop targeted preventive and therapeutic strategies. Our intention is to translate the current knowledge in molecular subclassification of colorectal cancer into the clinical scenario.

Targeted chemoprevention
Our group will be initiating research projects to discover new biomarkers to be implemented in cancer prevention using targeted therapies against different pathways.

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