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Contact Information

Office of the Chair

Zellisa Felder
Executive Assistant
Department of Genetics
Office: S15.8316
Phone: 713-834-6389
Fax: 713-834-6380

Department Administrator

Leah H. Byron
Research Department Administrator
Department of Genetics
Office: S12.8136B

Phone: 713-834-6361
Fax: 713-834-6318


Department Mailing Address:

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Genetics
1515 Holcombe Blvd, Unit 1010
Houston, Texas 77030

Department Delivery Address:

University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Department of Genetics  Room: S12.8136B
6767 Bertner
Houston, Texas 77030


Administrative Contacts

Zellisa Felder
Executive Assistant for Dr. Benoit deCrombrugghe and Guillermina Lozano
Phone: 713-834-6389

Salpy Kassardjian
Program Coordinator for Hank Adams, Leah Byron, Dr. Eisenhoffer, Dr. Huff, Dr. Legerski, Dr. Liu, Dr. Matin, Dr. Parker-Thornburg and Erika Thompson
Phone: 713-834-6337

Elva Lopez
Program Coordinator for Dr. Krahe, Dr. Majumder, Dr. Nagarajan, Dr. Navin and Blaffer Lecture Series
Phone: 713-834-6325

Susan Redd
Program Coordinator for Dr. McCrea, Dr. Multani, Dr. Schumacher, Dr. Strong, Dr. Wang and Research Forum
Phone: 713-792-7558

Lisa Watson
Sr. Administrative Assistant for Dr. Arur, Dr. Behringer, Dr. Galko, Dr. Gladden, Elisabeth Lindheim and Research Forum
Phone: 713-563-9818


Finance Administrative Contacts

Robin Martin
Operations Manager
Phone: 713-834-6338

Michael Dang
Accountant II
Phone: 713-834-6286

Elia Lopez
Grant Program Coordinator (Pre and Post Award)
Phone: 713-792-0692

Jennifer Weaver
Grant Program Coordinator (Submissions)
Phone: 713-794-1310


Genes and Development Program Contact

Elisabeth Lindheim
Program Manager
Phone: 713-834-6352


Information Technology Contact

Stan Tsang
Systems Analyst II
Phone: 713-834-6351


T32 Training Grant and Center for Genetics & Genomics Contact

Lisa Gower
Program Manager
Phone: 713-794-1999

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