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Lectures and Seminars

South Campus Research Building 4 - 4SCR1.1110, Wednesdays at 9 a.m.

The primary goal of the Experimental Therapeutics Seminar Series is to expand our knowledge of the development of therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. A secondary goal is to foster collaborative research efforts within the department, across the institution and with other academic institutions and industry.

A seminar is offered every Wednesday — whether it be the biweekly Lecture Series that features outside speakers who are leaders in their respective fields, or the departmental Research Seminar Series, held on alternate Wednesdays, that showcases ongoing research conducted in the Department of Experimental Therapeutics.

Seminars are held each Wednesday on MD Anderson's South Campus in Research Building 4, 4SCR1.1110, allowing easy access for both MD Anderson and Texas Medical Center attendees. 

* Lecture Series
Research Seminar Series


October 8, 2014

        Title: "Understanding the Biology of Osteosarcoma from a Practical, Preclinical, Therapeutics Perspective"

        Dennis P.M. Hughes, M.D., Ph.D.        
 Associate Professor
        Children's Cancer Hospital at        
        The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

        Host: Khalid A. Mohamedali, Ph.D.


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