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Diversity is no stranger to the Department of Experimental Therapeutics and the broad range of research interests that motivate our faculty. The opportunity to discover hypothesis-driven, innovative therapies for the treatment of cancer patients is what inspires our basic scientists to continue their research in the areas of target discovery and validation, drug design and development and pre-clinical and clinical testing.

From cell signaling and signaling pathways to pharmacogenomics and pharmacokinetics, from toxicity and pharmacology to drug resistance and chemoprevention and from molecular targets to targeted therapies, these are just a few of the areas that our researchers investigate every day in their determination to cure cancer.


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Joint Appointments

Adjunct Faculty

  • Daniel Van Hoff, M.D.
    Adjunct Professor
  • Ana Tari, Ph.D.
    Adjunct Associate Professor
  • Yinhua Yu, M.D.
    Adjunct Professor

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