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Patricia Fox, M.S.

Research Statistical Analyst


  • M.S. in Biostatistics, Brown University, Providence, RI
  • B.A. in Psychology, Brown University, Providence, RI

Areas of Interest

  • Clinical trial design
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Longitudinal and spatial data analysis


Henderson S, Tetzlaff M, Pattanaprichakul P, Fox P, et al. Detection of mitotic figures and G2+ tumor nuclei with histone markers correlates with worse overall survival in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma. Journal of Cutaneous Pathology 2014 Sept 26 [Epub ahead of print].

Bucheit AD, Chen G, Siroy AE, Tetzlaff M, Broaddus R, Milton D, Fox P, Bassett R, Hwu P, Gershenwald JE, Lazar AJ, Davies MA. Complete loss of PTEN protein expression correlates with shorter time to brain metastasis and survival in stage IIIB/C melanoma patients with  BRAFV600 mutations. Clinical Cancer Research 2014 Aug 27 [Epub ahead of print].

Poon ML, Fox PS, Samuels BI, et al. Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients with 17p deletion: consult-transplant v consult-no-transplant analysis. Leukemia and Lymphoma. 2014 Jun 10:1-16 [Epub ahead of print].

Mathieu K, Ai H, Fox PS, et al. Radiation dose reduction for CT lung cancer screening using ASIR and MBIR: a phantom study. Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 2014; 15(2): 271-280.

Amini B, Madewell JE, Chuang HH, Haygood TM, Hobbs BP, Fox PS, Bassett RL, Costelloe CM. Differentiation of benign fluid collections from soft-tissue sarcomas on FDG-PET/CT. Journal of Cancer 2014; 5(5):328-335.

Wang S, Hasserjian, Fox PS, et al. Atypical chronic myeloid leukemia (aCML) BCR-ABL1-negative is clinicopathologically distinct from unclassifiable myelodysplastic/myeloproliferative neoplasm (MDS/MPN-U): a Bone Marrow Pathology Group study. Blood 2014 Mar 13. [Epub ahead of print]

Takeuchi S, Khiewvan B, Fox PS, Swisher SG, Rohren EM, Bassett RL, Macapinlac HA. Impact of initial PET/CT staging in terms of clinical stage, management plan, and prognosis in 592 patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 2014 Jan 18. [Epub ahead of print].

Miranda RN, et al. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large-cell lymphoma: Long-term follow-up analysis of 60 cases suggests that disease cure can be achieved in most patients. Journal of Clinical Oncology 2013 Dec 9 [Epub ahead of print].

Ok CY, Hasserjian RP, Fox PS, Stingo F, Zuo Z, Young KH, Patel K, Medeiros LJ, Garcia-Manero G, Wang SA. Application of the International Prognostic Scoring System-Revised (IPSS-R) in therapy-related myelodysplastic syndromes and oligoblastic acute myeloid leukemia. Leukemia 2013 June 21 [Epub ahead of print].

Rauch GM, Kuerer HM, Scoggins ME, Fox PS, Benveniste AP, Park YM, Lari SA, Hobbs BP, Adrada BE, Krishnamurthy S, Yang WT. Clinicopathologic, mammographic, and sonographic features in 1,187 patients with pure ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast by estrogen receptor status. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 2013; June 18 [Epub ahead of print].

Costelloe CM, Chuang HH, Chasen BA, Pan T, Fox PS, Bassett RL, Madewell JE. Bone windows for distinguishing malignant from benign primary bone tumors on FDG PET/CT. Journal of Cancer 2013; 4(7):524-530.

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Bakkar R, Gershenson D, Fox P, Vu K, Zenali M, Silva E. Stage IIIC ovarian/peritoneal serous carcinoma - a heterogeneous group of patients with different prognoses. International Journal of Gynecological Pathology 2014 Mar 27. [Epub ahead of print]

McKay KM, Sambrano BL, Fox PS, Bassett RL, Chon S, Prieto VG.  Thickness of superficial basal cell carcinoma predicts imiquimod efficacy, a proposal for thickness-based definition of superficial basal cell carcinoma. British Journal of Dermatology. 2013 Apr 30 [Epub ahead of print].

Zhou JH, Kim KB, Myers JN, Fox PS, Ning J, Bassett RL, Hasanein H, Prieto VG. Immunohistochemical expression of hormone receptors in melanoma of pregnant women, non-pregnant women and men. American Journal of Dermatopathology. 2013 June 27 [Epub ahead of print]

Yilmaz M, Chemaly RF, Han XY, Thall PF, Fox PS, Tarrand JJ, De Lima MJ, Hosing CM, Popat UR, Shpall E, Champlin RE, Qazilbash MH.  Adenoviral infections in adult allogeneic hematopoietic SCT recipients: a single center experience. Bone Marrow Transplantation 2013 Mar 18 [Epub ahead of print].

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Slomkowski C, Conger KJ, Rende R, Heylen E, Little W, Shebloski B, Fox P, Craine JL, Conger RD. Sibling contagion for drinking in adolescence: A micro process framework. European Journal of Developmental Science 2009; 3(2): 161. 


Updated October 14, 2014

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