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Bryan M. Fellman, M.S.

Statistical Analyst


  • M.S. in Statistics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX


Berger JL, Westin SN, Fellman B, Rallapali V, Frumovitz M, Ramirez PT, Sood AK, Soliman PT. Modified vertical rectus abdominis myocutaneous ap vaginal reconstruction: an analysis of surgical outcomes. Gynecologic Oncology 2012; 125(1): 252-255.

Hui D, Kilgore K, Fellman B, Urbauer D, Hall S, Fajardo J, Rhondali W, Kang JH, Del Fabbro E, Zhukovsky D, Bruera E. Development and cross-validation of the in-hospital mortality prediction in advanced cancer patients (IMPACT) score: a preliminary study. Journal of Palliative Medicine 2012; 15(8): 902-909.

Iglesias DA, Westin SN, Rallapalli V, Huang M, Fellman B, Urbauer D, Frumovitz M, Ramirez PT, Soliman PT. The effect of body mass index on surgical outcomes and survival following pelvic exenteration. Gynecologic Oncology 2012; 125(2): 336-342.

Parker PA, Swartz R, Fellman B, Urbauer D, Li Y, Pisters LL, Rosser CJ, Wood CG, Matin SF. Comprehensive assessment of quality of life and psychosocial adjustment in patients with renal tumors undergoing open, laparoscopic and nephron sparing surgery. Journal of Urology 2012; 187(3): 822-826.

Updated March 6, 2013

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