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Pharmacy Patient Resources

Pharmacy Patient Resource Staff provides applications, tools and guidance to patients who are indigent, underinsured, have met their insurance maximum limits or have experienced insurance denials.

Patients are screened by a Pharmacy Resource Specialist and an application is sent to the pharmaceutical company for consideration to participate in their Patient Assistance Program if available. If application is approved by the pharmaceutical company, the patient will then be enrolled into their program for drug replacement or direct shipment to patient's home. For any questions concerning the Patient Assistance Program please contact a Pharmacy Resource Specialist.

Mailing Address: 1515 Holcombe Boulevard, Unit 61
Houston, TX 77030-4009
Phone: 713-563-4965
Fax: 713-563-4777

Patient Resource Representatives

Thu Le
Phone: 713-745-7192
Fax: 713-792-6706

Ambulatory Clinic Building (Mays Clinic), Floor 2

Jennifer Ngo
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-563-8243
Pager: 713-404-9254
Fax: 713-563-1795

Pamela Williams
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-563-8529
Pager: 713-606-5191
Fax: 713-563-1795

Clark Clinic Main Building, Floor 2, near Elevator C

Zbignew Lech
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-563-8244
Pager: 713-606-5120
Fax: 713-792-6708

Linda Cruz
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-745-4203
Pager: 713-404-0738
Fax: 713-792-6707

David Garner
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-792-0382
Pager: 713-606-4102
Fax: 713-792-4897

Clark Clinic Main Building, Floor 10, near Elevator B

Oliver Max
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-745-3703
Pager: 713-404-5424
Fax: 713-745-9111

Ray McKinney
Pharmacy Resource Specialist
Phone: 713-745-3669
Pager: 713-606-3534
Fax: 713-792-6711

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