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Administrative Staff

Division Administration

Joel D. Lajeunesse, MS, RPh
Vice President, Division of Pharmacy

Tanya Fleming
Operations Manager

Pharmacy Operations

Ryan Roux, PharmD, MS
Director, Pharmacy Operations

Administrative Assistant

Pharmacy Clinical Programs

Judy Chase, PharmD, 
Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services

Jehuel Enriquez
Administrative Assistant

Pharmacy Medication Management & Analytics

Wendy D. Heck, PharmD
Director, Pharmacy Med. Mgmt. & Analytics

Medhanit Zekarias
Senior Secretary

Pharmacy Research

Mark Kramer, MS, RPh
Director, Pharmacy Research

Medhanit Zekarias
Senior Secretary

Pharmacy Financial Services

Florence McKelvey, CPA, MBA
Director, Pharmacy Finance

Willa Spears
Personnel Assistant

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