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Division of Internal Medicine

Division faculty and staff
Seated (left to right): Robert, Gagel, Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, Joel Helmke, Issam Raad, Steven I. Sherman; Standing (left to right): Edward T.H. Yeh, Charles Cleeland, Knox Todd, Ellen Manzullo, Burton Dickey, Lopa Mishra, Ronald Rapini, Carmen Escalante (Note: Williams Atkinson, IV, is currently Division Administrator Ad Interim.)

Our mission is to provide a broad spectrum of research-driven internal medicine care for patients with cancer, including aspects of prevention, treatment and survivorship. 

Our vision is to continually expand our lead as a research-driven internal medicine division in a comprehensive cancer care center.

The Division of Internal Medicine comprises nine departments:

It also includes three sections:

  • Benign Hematology
  • Nephrology
  • Rheumatology

In addition to providing clinical excellence in their division practices, faculty members have developed broad-based research programs in their respective subspecialty areas.

Grand Rounds and Conferences

Friday, Nov. 14, Pickens Tower, Floor 3, Rooms 1,2,7,8
Advances in Screening for Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Families: 
MDACC Li-Fraumeni Syndrome Education and Early Detection (LEAD)

Louise Strong, M.D., professor, Genetics; and Michelle Jackson, 
clinical counselor, Clinical Cancer Genetics


Friday, Nov. 21, Pickens Tower, Floor 3, Rooms 1,2,7,8
Monitoring Symptomatic and Functioning Recovery in Perioperative Care

Thomas Aloia, M.D., associate professor, Surgical Oncology; and 
Shelley Wang, M.D., professor, Symptom Research


Friday, Nov. 28, NO GRAND ROUNDS -- Thanksgiving Holiday 

Past Events

Mechanisms of Symptoms of Multiple Myeloma and Its Therapy (requires Adobe Flash Player)
Charles Cleeland, Ph.D., Bharat Aggarwal, Ph.D., Patrick Dougherty, Ph.D., Loretta Williams, Ph.D., James Reuben, Ph.D., and Xin Shelley Wang, Ph.D.
August 7, 2009

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