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Division of Internal Medicine

Our mission is to provide cancer patients with the full spectrum of evidence-based cancer and internal medicine care including treatment, supportive care, survivorship care, and prevention.

Our vision is to continually expand our lead as a patient-centered, research-driven internal medicine division in a comprehensive cancer care center through the recruitment, retention, and development of the finest physicians, scientists, educators and staff.

David Tweardy, M.D.
Division Head, Internal Medicine
Professor of Infectious Diseases and Molecular and Cellular Oncology

Ellen Manzullo, M.D.
Deputy Division Head Clinical
Professor, General Internal Medicine

Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, M.D.
Deputy Division Head Research
Professor, Infectious Diseases, Infection Control and Employee Health

William Atkinson IV
Division Administrator ad interim
Department Administrator, General Internal Medicine

The Division of Internal Medicine comprises nine departments:

It also includes three sections:

  • Benign Hematology
  • Nephrology
  • Rheumatology

In addition to providing clinical excellence in their division practices, faculty members have developed broad-based research programs in their respective subspecialty areas.

New Residency Program

The Baylor College of Medicine/MD Anderson Internal Medicine Residency Program is a unique opportunity in which future internists will be trained to become experts in treating the medical complications of cancer and cancer treatment.

Interested individuals must apply to Baylor College of Medicine through the ERAS system (Electronic Residency Application Service). Once in the Baylor system, select the BCM/MD Anderson Cancer Center track.

Grand Rounds and Conferences

  • Friday, Sept. 4, No Grand Rounds
  • Friday, Sept. 11, Pickens Tower, Floor 3, Rooms 1,2,7,8
    A Framework for Personalized Approaches to Ovarian Cancer
    Anil Sood, M.D.,professor, Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine
  • Friday, Sept. 18, Pickens Tower, Floor 3, Rooms 1,2,7,8
    Big Data
    Andrew Futreal, M.D., professor and chair ad interim, Genomic Medicine
  • Friday, Sept. 25, Pickens Tower, Floor 3, Rooms 1,2,7,8
    Microbes Matter in Colon Carcinogenesis
    Cynthia Sears, M.D. professor Medicine and Oncology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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