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Program Objectives

Assist in the development of skills and knowledge for future graduate students, researchers, postdoctoral fellows and healthcare professionals in the field of molecular and cellular imaging.

Guide the learning experience in a "hands-on" atmosphere of collaboration, as well as experience in basic, pre-clinical and clinical translational research in molecular and cellular imaging of cancer and related diseases.

Offer the opportunity for international universities and institutions to participate in a variety of laboratories within the Department of Experimental Diagnostic Imaging and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Develop new molecular probes and imaging approaches that will increase the accuracy of cancer diagnosis by visualizing the cellular biochemical, signal transduction and gene expression/regulation processes involved in cancer development.

Teach laboratory techniques that include radiochemistry, in-silico engineering and modeling, molecular biology, analytical biochemistry, genetic and cellular tracers, animal tumor modeling, MRI/NMR spectroscopy and imaging, advanced PET instrument development and more.

Develop an international educational program led by world-class researchers from molecular and cellular imaging and related disciplines to continue the effort dedicated to cancer and finding a cure.

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