Statement from Ronald A. DePinho, M.D., president, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

As we strive to reduce the burden of cancer in this unprecedented era of breakthroughs in cancer research and care, we welcome Secretary Hillary Clinton’s commitment to continue supporting the national Cancer Moonshot initiative

Thanks to the leadership and dedication of Vice President Joe Biden, cancer has become a key priority in America. Through collaboration, innovation and technological advances, we already are seeing great strides in our country’s fight to end cancer.

Secretary Clinton’s desire to build upon the foundation created by the current administration is to be applauded, specifically her commitment to focus on funding cancer research and facilitating interactions across government, academia and industry. Significant progress being made in basic, translational and clinical research is reshaping our approach to ending cancer. The time is now to support NIH funding and increase private sector commitments patients and families are counting on us.

At The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, we stand ready to work with others who are passionate about putting cancer in the history books. Our own Moon Shots Program, launched in 2012, has taught us that if we put our minds and will to a task, and collaborate with others, we can impact the cancer problem. Together, we are Making Cancer History.