Recommendation for the further treatment of Chinese Nobel Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo

Joint Statement from Dr. Joseph M. Herman, Clinical Research Director, Department of Radiation Oncology, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Dr. Markus Büchler, Chairman, Department of Surgery, University of Heidelberg

On Saturday, July 8, Dr. Joseph M. Herman of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Dr. Markus W Büchler of University of Heidelberg met with the medical team at the No. 1 Hospital of the China Medical University to participate in a medical consultation for Liu Xiaobo and provide their professional recommendations.

Drs. Herman and Büchler acknowledge the quality of care that the No. 1 Hospital of the China Medical University has provided to Mr. Liu since his admission. Drs. Herman and Büchler agree with Mr. Liu’s diagnosis of primary liver cancer. The physicians have recommended Mr. Liu receive palliative supportive care. Additional options may exist, including interventional procedures and radiotherapy.

Liu Xiaobo and his family have requested that the remainder of his care be provided in Germany or the United States. While a degree of risk always exists in the movement of any patient, both physicians believe Mr. Liu can be safely transported with appropriate medical evacuation care and support. However, the medical evacuation would have to take place as quickly as possible.

The University of Heidelberg and MD Anderson have each agreed to accept Mr. Liu for treatment. Both institutions are prepared to offer Mr. Liu the best care possible.